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Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we possess as humans.

Through sharing our stories civilisations were created, walls have been torn down, bridges were built between closed communities… and love formed between people regardless of their differences.

One fundamental problem however is getting people to listen. Through our own experiences we have learnt how to attract attention from the right audience and to use the power of storytelling to influence almost unchangeable minds and attitudes.

We will take on you a journey of passion, energy, discovery and change.


Why we exist

Founder Matt Mahmood-Ogston, is a filmmaker, multi award-winning LGBT+ rights activist and international public speaker.

After losing his fiancé in 2014, Matt was forced to change his path in life. He has dedicated his life to tackling the very issues that took his soulmate away. Through grief he found the power of storytelling and now uses this skill to make films and media that inspires audiences take action and make change.

Matt is also the Founder and Trustee of Naz and Matt Foundation, a high profile, award-winning charity that tackles religious and cultural homophobia.

Human Rights Documentaries

Inspiring films that explore the unexplored, tackling homophobia, LGBTQI+ issues, human rights issues and prejudice. We intend to leave the world in a better state than when we found it.

Corporate Documentaries

Documentary film that focus on the CSR initiatives, culture and special projects with corporations, charities and small businesses

Keynote Public Talks

Our Founder, Matt, has delivered keynote talks across the UK to central government, schools, colleges, universities and public events on the topics of homophobia and ‘honour based abuse’. Visit to find out more.

Brand & Digital Consultancy

We can help develop your company or personal brand to attract attention and make audiences sit up and listen. Your brand will never be the same again.

Website UX & User Experiences

We make the complex, simple. With over 20 years designing, building and developing websites for large big banks, corporations and small businesses we will simplify your customer experience.



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